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Human eXperience Solutions that Improve the Human Condition at Work


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Defining Point A Positions

The best Point A assessments result in a real whack alongside the side of head and a tug at the heart. Big whacks and tugs are needed to fight off compliancy with the status quo. Knowing your Point A Positions provides confidence in confirming the case for change and the sense of urgency needed to create a shared vision that can fuel your decision cycle for defining a new Point B aspired position.

Defining Point B Aspirations

Defining Point B aspirations is all about the art and science of framing and prioritizing the right opportunities for YOUR organization. The process of defining a relevant and achievable Point B aspiration includes assessing the full range of options in front of your organization - from mild to wild. Creating a future that inspires is most importantly about celebrating and harvesting the collective wisdom available to your organization.

Leading Human Centered Transformation

Your transformation journey will take you and your stakeholders through the entire “Arc of Change Drama” as innovation and transformation are not easy and not typical within human DNA. Successful Point B plans are inspirational, scalable and achievable. Most of all transformation plans ensure the organizational capacity to handle expected challenges, tensions, dilemmas that will arise along the way.

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Organizational Memory Draws Back the Bow for Progress

Organizational memory has a deep seated impact on not only sharping new ideas and thinking for how work gets done across an organizations but also on how change succeeds  To achieve sustainable change organizations must confront, release and replace what they intend to modify. This means that meaningful transformation not only takes time but requires organizations to confront fears and release any dysfunction that has become a part of the culture.

Humans have been conditioned to fear the unknown and so many...
"lead lives of quiet desperation"

Don't be afraid to embrace the unknown..


Reimagine work... One eXperience at a time.

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