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Improving Organizational Performance... One eXperience at a time

Industry 5.0 Requires New Thinking for the Human eXperience at Work

The 21st century brought about the eXperience economy fueled by advances in cyber physical connectivity and the internet of things. The essence of this new economy is that humans are striving for and expecting a better "quality of life" in everything they experience. 

Building Client Relationships Where it Matters Most


The On Demand CLO

The gig economy has been increasingly successful in using independent contractors rather than full-time positions to provide services and get work done. At the executive level, it’s now more prevalent for various roles such as Chief Learning Officer (CLO) to be deployed as a ‘gig’ or “fractional” role. HumanWRKS believes this model presents a more creative, less expensive means for companies to capitalize on proven experience and expertise without having to hire a senior level executive for a long-term full-time role.


The on-demand CLO program enables long term relationships to be established on a part time basis. The on demand CLO executive takes on all the leadership responsibilities for the learning function that a full-time executive would perform in that same role without the full employment costs.

Industry spent the 19th and 20th centuries trying to get labor to perform like robots. The most admired companies of the 21st century will be those that can reform that grossly outdated line of thinking.

HumanWRKS believes that combining human ability with the power of computing innovations will be the most significant act in the evolution, renewal and sustainability of humans at work. 


Strategic Solutions

Industry 5.0 has put the relevance of the corporate learning function in question. The growing demand for mass personalization and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) citizen development capabilities require learning strategies that spark intentional learning strategies through learning enablement services in the flow of work. 

  • Learning Enablement Strategies


  • Human Centered Content Management

  • Performance eXperience Support Strategies

  • Agile Competence Development

  • Power Skills for Psychological Safety

Building Pride into Every Performance eXperience











Strategic Thought Partners

Enabling Industry 5.0 Work eXperiences

Industry 5.0 workforce eXperiences build employee confidence and increases engagement across individuals, teams, and communities of practice. The goal of HumanWRKS is to help drive better experiences at each phase of the work cycle. Improved work experiences drive improved engagement and performance. When workers are engaged in their performance experience...   


good things happen.

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