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Industry 5.0 Human Solutions 

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Industry 5.0 Learning Strategies and Practices

Globally Seasoned Thought Leadership and Perspective 

Sense of Urgency

Over 40 years of experience, research and data have shown that corporate learning functions in general have failed to keep pace with the workplace performance eXperience expectations of today’s workforce. With the blending of work and personal lives, workforce expectations have evolved much faster than the capabilities of most corporate learning functions.

Case for Change

It's now time to reset the direction, focus and priorities to begin reimagining and reforming corporate learning strategies and practices where it matters most. Advances in platform based technologies now enable democratized innovation and mass personalization. For example, "content management" and "citizen developer"  platforms are empowering workers to create more relevant and human centric solutions at the point of need.

 Human Performance eXperience Support Strategies

Expertise in Digital Transformation and Human Performance Support eXperience Design



Sense of Urgency

Employees wonder why they can't have the same high touch and high concept products, solutions and experiences at work as they have access to in their personal lives. Today's employees simply have a low tolerance for jobs and tasks that fail to embed Industry 5.0 "design of human experience" principles. 

Case for Change

Digital success requires more than innovative ideas and new technology. Success means achieving high adoption and promotion rates at scale across your organization. Big wins are not easy and require deploying proven methods for increasing the probability of success in terms of impact, experience satisfaction and end user adoption of your digital solutions. HumanWRKS provides expertise that combines work design, neuroscience principles and innovative end user engagement practices with technical capabilities to improve the human eXperience at work.  

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Human Centered Content Management

Distinctive Capabilities that Allow Organizations to Know and Use What it Knows



Sense of Urgency

The traditional content model for organizations has fallen apart. It's no longer about trying to capture and retain all the information that passes through your organization. Knowledge content must be leveraged as a living strategic asset and managed in capable platforms that enable citizen development. The ongoing impact of "content shock" requires that organizations reform their content management capabilities. 

Case for Change

Digital content platforms are providing organizations with new and dynamic capabilities for managing content as a strategic asset. However, platforms are not enough. Companies able to strategically manage their content in the age of  "content shock" will differentiate themselves in terms of corporate agility, efficiency and innovation. Building and preserving corporate memory through content component knowledge management solutions is a distinctive capability that few have entered into let alone mastered. Component level content management is the greatest catalyst for information since the Gutenberg printing press. Unfortunately, organizations are failing to adopt strategic content management practices to accelerate their paradigm shift rates in terms of exponential disruption in end user engagement and experience. HumanWRKS provides achievable strategies that enable organizations to see their world from every angle.

Businesswoman with Mask
Businesswoman with Mask

Industry 5.0 Competence Development & Management

Developing the 7 Power Dimensions of Whole Person Competence



Sense of Urgency

Today's workforce expects more adaptive, personalized and agile competence development and management solutions. It's time to provide skilling solutions that offer higher impact with less weight. This means delivering upskilling and reskilling experiences that are feature and benefit rich.

Case for Change

New competence management methods and models are required for todays' workforce. More agile models are needed to support the acceleration of worker upskilling and reskilling as industry trends towards super jobs and power skills. The organizations that navigate the era of advanced intellectual and social skills of Industry 5.0 will not only improve workforce distinction and relevance but will achieve competitive disruption by embedding the capability to address the scenarios that continue to unfold across industry.

Done Deal

Psychological Safety Solutions that Promote Engagement and Performance

Eliminating the Factors that Impact Organizational Health, the Health of Individual Workers and the Bottom Line



Sense of Urgency

The evolution to super Jobs, power skills and more complicated work challenges and environments requires new capabilities in psychological safety. Behaviors don't lie and with the right behavioral capabilities in place, workers can thrive and organizations can avoid the cost of silence.

Case for Change

Organizations "switched on" to Psychological Safety make a purposeful and concerted effort to create work environments where human beings feel included, safe to learn, safe to contribute, and safe to challenge the status quo. Creating a culture that embraces disruption means that employees can engage without fear of being embarrassed, marginalized, bullied or punished in some way. Psychological safety is about reducing the work stressors that harm workers' mental health and impede individual, team and organizational effectiveness. 

Building a new day means first looking to where our current beliefs no longer serve us well.

The 21st century will celebrate the 300-year anniversary of industry. Over that period, we have seen industrial revolution mark major turning points in history that have impacted every aspect of daily work and life in some way. Organizations need to increase their paradigm shift rates as we live in a world of exponential change.  

Scalable eXperience... A Different Approach

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